What I Meant to Say

I try to provide a little insight when posting, aside from just the happenings of Baby Gray. Sometimes I do well; others, I write a lot of comments to accompany photos of my sweet little guy. Lately, with all the cute Halloween-ness, I’ve done a lot of brief posts with baby happenings.
While I enjoy the Chronicles of Baby Gray on a periodic basis, most days, my heart desires to write something more like this. It’s witty, helpful, and right on. 
Mind you, I’ve never met Jess, but I can hear “her voice” in my head as I read her posts (you know, the voice I have created for her). I love this particular post because it is so true. Marriage is worth the work. Men and women are different. We all have quirks that make our spouse a teensy bit crazy. That’s marriage. 
That’s love, life, and a home together. It’s man and woman as one, the way God intended. Thanks, Jess, for saying what I meant to say.

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