Sew Ready for Halloween

As per my usual, I’m using the word “sew” pretty loosely. While I was working Tuesday night during the Rangers game, I tweeted: 

I’m feeling like quite the seamstress this evening… Nothing like some crooked hems and applique for the sewing-self-esteem! 

To which one DazeyDuck replied: 

Sewing: A creative mess is better than tidy idleness. 

That is definitely my new sewing mantra. I might not be an exceptional seamstress, but I’ve definitely got the creative mess covered!


My first Halloween project was to hem Baby Gray’s shorts for his costume. He is going to be Charlie Brown, who, by the way, has the most awkward fashion sense: yellow and black scribble shirt, black shorts, yellow socks, and brown shoes. Regardless of Charlie Brown’s choices, I was working on getting the replication correct. I have to say I am pretty impressed; I did make Mr. Gray do the cutting since I can’t cut in a straight line. The shorts look much better now that they have been ironed (sorry, no photo of that; and sorry, this is a terrible photo). 


Next, I needed to make Baby Gray a shirt for Halloween (of course). I saw this one on Pinterest a while back, and decided to go for it. 

Ghost Close

I didn’t realize it before I did it, but the ghost in my model photo had cut out eyes. It would have had a much cleaner look had I done it that way. Live and learn.

Tuesday, I went on a hunt for the aforementioned yellow socks. I’m not sure where Charlie Brown’s mom shops, but I had quite a time finding yellow socks. 

I checked the all the sock departments at each store I stopped in while on my search. I knew I could modify some if I needed to. Dying socks was suggested several times, and I’m really not sure why I thought sewing them would be a better solution, but I did. Live and learn. 

Yellow Socks

These socks are little girl socks, size 3-5. I decided I would cut them down and make a cuff to attach to the top of a plain white sock. 

Hybrid Socks

I was thinking I’d do something along the lines of this hybrid-looking sock. The more I played with it, though, the more I thought I’d try something a little different. 


I just left the cuff by itself. We’ll have a dry run of the costume before he actually wears it Monday, so I can fix them if I need to. Since he doesn’t normally wear socks anyway, I feel like this will be more comfortable for him. It’ll still look like Charlie Brown’s cuffed yellow sock, but it’ll be a pseudo-sock.

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