Riddle Me This

What’s in the bag? 


A hint, perhaps? 


It’s a traditional favorite with a Halloween twist! I keep saying I don’t like Peeps, but they keep popping up in my cute Halloween ideas. 

Need another hint? 


Remember, it’s a traditional favorite. Two of the three ingredients are shown. 

Last one:


You’ve got it now, right? 

Yep, it’s a Halloween s’mores kit! Just take one ghost or pumpkin Peep, a half of a graham cracker (broken to be a square, rather than a rectangle), and a miniature Hershey’s bar (the nuggets won’t work as well) and package them all up! 

I would have preferred a clear bag with a ribbon, but I was trying to use what I already had. These bags at least had a little transparency; the Halloween bags I had were full-color. If you try them, I’d love to see a photo! Also, if you actually eat them, I’d love to know how they taste–I made them to give away in goodie baskets.

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