Leaving Our Mark

Forever ago, I posted about the beginning of our deck project. Then I moved on with my life, and so did you. The problem lies in the fact that I love these photos of Baby Gray’s feet in the concrete, but I still don’t really have any good photos of the actual deck (which has been completed for some while now). 
You see, when Mr. Gray and Pops started securing posts in the ground, Pops reminded Mr. Gray that we needed to leave our mark for [good luck, prosperity, or something]. I don’t remember the actual reasoning, but I love that our first home will have our mark from now on, even if we don’t live here. 

So Mr. Gray carefully maneuvered Baby Gray’s feet around in the concrete to get a great set of footprints to go along with our deck. So now we’ll have [good luck, prosperity, or something] to go with our home full of love and laughter. 

Baby Gray wasn’t too sure about the whole squishy concrete thing, but I can guarantee he loved having the cool water on his tootsies that hot day! The kid loves water! Loves. I’m glad he got to be part of the deck building process. Strap a tool belt on that boy!

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