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Yesterday was GM’s (my grandmother, not the corporation) 90th birthday. To celebrate, we had a little get together mid-day Saturday. 

We ate lunch at T-Paw’s local lunch spot, the same lunch spot GD dined for many, many years. As a matter of fact, T-Paw still sits at GD’s table, too. We all joke that we know where to go if we want lunch. Be there, or be square. 11:30 on the dot. T-Paw requested roast; it’s always delicious, and Saturday was no exception! 

Everyone ate and talked until it was time to head to GM’s for family photos, cake, and some time to catch up. 
We took some family photos with Jocelyn Sexton Creative Services before enjoying some of T-Paw’s cake (GM’s favorite) along with punch, nuts, and coffee. We took the easy route with only the nine and the zero lit for GM to blow out, rather than a whopping 90 candles–that might have been a challenge!

After devouring their cake, Mr. Mischief and WBT headed to the toy closets. L was helping them sort through the toys and with each thing they pulled out, we almost all had a memory to share (it was just the four of us in there at the time). We have been playing with the same toys from the same closet since I was little (I think since Uncle J and Uncle W were little as well). It’s so cool to have so many generations all cherish the same things as part of their childhood. Ultimately, the boys decided on the ball shooter toy (I have no idea what it’s actually called; it’s a basket with a bulb on the bottom that shoots balls) and headed outside. 

I have been wanting to get Baby Gray on this little riding toy for quite some while now. It’s another toy we all remember playing on. Mr. Mischief (who, by the way, has sort of outgrown the name) loved pushing him around. He really wanted Baby Gray to cooperate on his foot placement so pushing would be a little easier, but Baby Gray wasn’t quite able to understand. 

Mr. Gray got it on some playing in the yard, too. And, no, you’re not dreaming, we’re short a nephew in these photos. T had somewhere to be after lunch. WBT loved playing with the older boys while Mr. Mischief was with Baby Gray. 

He got in on some Baby Gray action, though, too. Aunt K was a nervous wreck while her boys toted Baby Gray up and down the ramp. I just snapped away–you can see Annie watching closely in the top of this photo, too. My worries weren’t necessary.

I love watching all the boys play. T and L always play so well with the younger ones when they’re around. We’re so blessed to have such great boys around here! 

GM, Cousin E, and Uncle J were all watching the festivities in the yard and up and down the ramp. GM hasn’t had so much action at her house in quite some while. It was quite the change for her usually quite home.

Once Baby Gray was done riding, Mr. Mischief had a few trips down the ramp of his own! In the progression of these photos when I uploaded, you can see him swerving down the ramp until he ends in a crash with missing boots! Mr. Mischief still fits! 

Happy, happy birthday, GM! We wish you many more!

Because no party is complete without a recipe…

My aunt asked me several weeks ago if I would be willing to make punch for the occasion. I obliged, but quickly realized that I didn’t have a punch recipe or really anywhere to start; we don’t do much punch anymore. I found a recipe that looked similar to the most recent punch I had at a shower and went for it. It got good reviews. It was super simple!

Orange Sherbet Punch 
1 liter ginger ale, chilled
1.5 cups Sprite, chilled
1.5 cups orange soda, chilled
23 ounces pineapple juice, chilled
1 quart orange sherbet
  • Pour liquids into punch bowl
  • Stir (I may or may not have forgotten this step) 
  • Drop balls of sherbet into punch
  • Serve and enjoy 
Make the punch right before you need it; it starts to lose the fizz after it sits out for very long.

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