I’ll Have What She’s Having

Embarrasingly long ago, Cadillac MaMa shared I’ll Have What She’s Having by Bobbie Houston with me. When I read an actual hard copy of a book, it takes me much longer than with an electronic copy (as a lover of books, reading, etc. this makes me really sad that convenience has taken over my reading habits). It took me a while to get into this book, even though it was actually a pretty quick read. However, the last few days, about the last half of the book, I just couldn’t read fast enough.

I loved the perspectives presented in the book. Even more, I loved that Cadillac MaMa is invested in the women at Revolution. I love that I have such a mentor and Proverbs 31 woman that I can go to in my journey for real life examples. All the while I was reading, I felt the Lord nudging me toward another friend that I should pass the book along to. I can’t wait to share!

So many times as I read, I found myself thinking, “Yes! That’s it! That’s exactly how I want to live my life.” One section talks about the Word being the ultimate way to be trained, with good, godly friends being next. Absolutely! When your friends are living the type of life you’re striving to live, it’s hard to fail–you’re surrounded by women (couples if they’re you’re married friends) following the same Guidebook as your own family. You’re all headed in the same direction. Mr. Gray and I hungered for this until we found our Heart Group. We developed deep, lasting friendships with people in a matter of months because they were friendships ordained by the Lord. They were friendships put in place by the Lord to grow our marriage, to grow me as a wife and mother.

A few years later, we met the people at Revolution with the same results. The families we have met have become fast friends due to the timing and placement of the Lord. He is good and faithful all the time. The same section of the book says that if you don’t have these types of friends, you should pray them in. Wow! Just wow. I wouldn’t have thought to word it that way, but how incredibly true is that? When you need something, you should pray for it. Why wouldn’t it be the same when you need someone?

As I finished the book, I felt challenged. Not in a bad way at all. In a great way; I felt challenged to be more purposeful. I felt challenged to do more for those around me, to widen my reach, His reach. I have said before that writing is my outlet for sharing the Lord’s blessings in our life. I share the little silly details that make up the great big picture He is putting together for us. Do I fall short? Constantly. That’s what these wonderful women I have been surrounded by are for (not solely, of course); they help me and encourage me to get back on the right track! Falling short is part of the testimony; it helps me to share God’s love, mercy, and grace. Falling short isn’t the whole testimony, though, because God has bigger and better plans for me than that!

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