Confession of a Fightin’ Texas Aggie

Just a little something to get off my chest–especially after all my ranting about t-shirt fans the past couple of weeks.

When I was a freshman in college, attending Texas State, I went to a t.u. game with Auntie Heather. You’ll never believe what I wore: a t.u. shirt, burnt orange and everything! We were sitting in her uncle & aunt’s suite at the game. They’re Horns from way back. In my defense, I wasn’t an Aggie at the time. To my demise, that made me a t-shirt fan. 
People have asked me why I get so fired up about t-shirt fans. It’s an earned thing, the trash talk. If you went to Texas, I have no problem engaging in a little quibble with you about our opposing teams. If you went to UTSA, UT-Pan Am, any other UT-where evers, or nowhere at all, that’s not the same thing! Those schools have their own mascot, their own traditions, and their own rivals. It’s the same for A&M schools. My undergrad is from A&M-Kingsville; I was not an Aggie then. I was a Javelina; I didn’t get an Aggie ring or know what Muster was. I wasn’t an Aggie until I attended A&M. It’s trivial to some, I understand. When you attend a school that makes you proud, it’s hard to stand by and let people talk bad about it. It’s like talking bad about my mom–don’t do it.

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