Happy Halloween, Peeps!

A few weeks ago, I tweeted that I couldn’t find Halloween Peeps anywhere. I had looked at a few stores to no avail, and as a wandered Target’s Halloween aisles, I was having no luck. I asked an associate, and he said hadn’t seen them, either. At Target or else where. About that time, I found a stray package of pumpkin Peeps and began my hunt.


Finally, there they were! Please don’t confuse yourselves, I was not looking for the Peeps to eat. Gag. I was looking for them to make one of my favorite Halloween decorations. 


This is super simple, but oh-so-cute!  

Just take the Peeps and put them around the outside of your clear dish, facing outward. Fill the center with candy corn, and ta-da!  

In the past, I have also used my trifle bowl for this edible treat.

However, it was already full of gourds when I started on the Peeps! 


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