Well, Baby?

Baby Gray had his twelve-month well baby check this morning. 

After his developmental “testing” they always give him a book to take home. We read it while we wait on the doctor. Trucks seems to be a hit so far! He has hauled it all around since we left the doctor’s office. He is doing wonderfully both in his growth and development. It always cracks me up when he doesn’t do something while we’re there. Today it was throwing the ball. Really? That’s what he does all day. He throws the ball to me, throws it for Rooster to chase, throws it and chases it himself, and on and on. Of course that’s what he chose to withhold for the nurse. 

He weighs 23 pounds, 8 ounces (61st percentile), is 29.75 inches long (49th percentile), and his head is 18.75 inches (83rd percentile). I still can’t believe he’s not higher in his height–Mr. Gray is a pretty tall guy! 

I knew we were scheduled for new vaccinations today, so I called last week to see what they were specifically. I wanted to have time to check to see that they were ethically made. Unfortunately, the vaccinations we were scheduled for all contained fetal cells. While I have read that there are some ethically made alternatives, they were not readily available. I declined the scheduled vaccinations today in order to do more research.  I am hoping to find alternatives that are ethically produced and get the vaccinations.

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