… and After

Because we all know how good I am at not remembering to take photos of the whole process, all I have for you is the after photo of my pantry re-vamp. 

Please excuse the poor lighting, we have windows on either side of the pantry.

Let me tell you, my pantry was neat and tidy before; it just didn’t make sense. When we added a third mouth to feed, we just sort of threw his stuff into the pantry where it fit. I don’t do well with things that don’t make sense. So, I fixed it.

I have a slight addiction to dishes and such. You’ll find a slight piece of this collection on the top shelf. Going down, we have grown up snack food. Next is Baby Gray’s food; yes, he needs an entire shelf to himself. After that is cooking stuff, followed by baking stuff. The bottom houses Rooster’s stuff, knives, and kitchen extras. I was able to consolidate some things as well as make it all make sense. Plus, now Baby Gray’s stuff isn’t in a child-proofed cabinet, which will help a ton at meal times.

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