As today comes to a close, I am completely overwhelmed by the love and support our family has. We had a packed house today to celebrate Baby Gray’s first year. 
He is so loved–it blows me away. I always plan for way more people than I expect to come to anything we host; today was the first time I have ever come close to underestimating.

We planned to have most of the party outside since we have the deck, which gives us plenty of room to get set up and spread out. Unfortunately, while we were in College Station, we left the sprinklers on (our neighbor called mid-way through the game (Game? What game? There was no game.) to let me know. They were able to get into the yard and get the water turned off in enough time that it dried some before today’s festivities. We have (had; it’s clean now) the only muddy house in the neighborhood, for sure! 

As much fun as everything was, I have to say my favorite part of the entire afternoon was Baby Gray dancing as people sang Happy Birthday to him (that’s what I’m laughing at in this photo). I suspected he was going to do it, but I would have been really disappointed if he didn’t. 
He wasn’t too interested in the cake. Instead, he continued to point at the fruit on the serving table. We gave him fruit, and he left most of his cake on his tray. He must not really be my son if the sweet tooth didn’t get passed down.

He did eat enough camo (inside and out) cake to need a quick rinse before the pinata.


The pinata was a blast! We had quite a few young kiddos, but Bubby was able to break it right open for us! Thankfully we went smallest to tallest–we saved the best for last!

I just can’t believe it’s already been a year (well, tomorrow… eh, today) since we became Gray, party of three.

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  1. Happy birthday Hays! As usual your parents threw a great party. They are great hosts and terrific party planners. Everything was great. You were adorable and a good time was had by all! I Love You and your parents too! Annie

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