Seeing is Believing?

Sunday when we got home, Baby Gray started taking a few steps. He’d cruise along the wall or a piece of furniture, then we he got to what he wanted, he’d take a step or two before plopping down. He’d “walk” between Mr. Gray and I a few steps at a time. Sunday evening, the farthest he had gotten was three steps. 

Since, he’s gotten to four and five steps, but always ZERO when I have the recorder ready to capture these steps on film (or whatever videos are captured on these days). He’s always either walking to me, and too close to video, holding my hand (he can go a really long way like that),  or he plops himself right down and crawls. I’ve been trying for a video since Sunday. I’ve got nothing. And by nothing, I mean I have lots of short clips of him plopping down and crawling; I have one clip of him putting toys under the rug in the living room; I have a clip of him trying to reach the light switch to turn it on and off. I do not, however, have a clip of him taking any steps.

For now, just trust me. He has taken a few steps. When he gets going a little farther and a little steadier, I’ll be standing by with the camera. I’ll catch it all on film (or whatever videos are captured on these days).

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