Super Trooper

For a while, I didn’t know how much fun some of the activities at The Jumpy Place or the gymnastics gym would be for Baby Gray. A couple of weeks ago, we went with friends to The Jumpy Place, and he loved it! This morning, I needed to kill some time out of the house while the house cleaner was here, so I too Baby Gray to Playnastics at the local gymnastics place. He had a blast. 

Basically, it’s open gym for preschoolers. He enjoyed “playing” with some of the other kids and loved the balls they had out. Since he’s always bouncing, I tried to let him hold my hands and jump on the trampoline. He wasn’t too into it. Soon. He had a blast crawling over the different heights on the floor. It’s not really set up for that purpose, it’s just the nature of the layout with the equipment. We’ve practiced going off the couch at home backwards, and he applied it to each level when he tried to go lower. I love watching the wheels turn in his little mind!

At the end of Playnastics, they get a bubble machine out and blow bubbles. Baby Gray liked them a lot. The big kids kept bumping into him; he fell over a few times. He was a trooper, though. And, according to the other parents, so was I. Apparently, it’s not normal to let you child get bumped into and figure out how to cope with it on their own–especially when it’s your first child. Who knew? I thought I was teaching problem solving skills and fostering independence.

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