Fall Flowers

I found some twisted fabric flowers online (by online I mean on Pinterest… ahhh!) in all sorts of settings. Some were on chains as a necklace, some were on brooches, others were in people’s hair. They were all so cute! 

Nonna and I had actually talked about these flowers a while back, so I knew she knew how to make them. She uses needle and thread; I wanted her to teach me. I got impatient and Googled a few tutorials; they all used glue. Not only that, but they all used a different type of glue. I decided to use the same method they described but try to sew them rather than use glue. 

I used jersey knit t-shirt material so that the maroon would be the right color. It made the flower a little bulkier, but, overall, it has the same appeal. My sewing skills aren’t great, so I just sort of made it work. Mr. Gray helped me make a couple more; I plan on backing them to make them one piece and making a brooch for game day out of them. I can’t wait to wear them with my game day kicks!

Hopefully soon I’ll get Nonna to teach me how to actually do them, but these are pretty cute for now!

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