Chinese, Please

I promised all my Twitter followers a funny story on Friday. I don’t like to disappoint. This definitely doesn’t shine the brightest light on me, but it’s worth telling.

In keeping with the camo and red theme of Baby Gray’s birthday party, I decided a couple of weeks ago that I needed camo TOMS to wear to the party. Unfortunately for me, the camo TOMS were one of the earlier styles; they don’t have them available anymore–in the US. I found them on several websites that were overseas. I’m pretty skeptical about international shopping via the internet, but I needed these for the party. 

I found them in three different online stores internationally. I weighed my options and chose the one that looked the most legit (more of a least of three evils situation). Click! I “bought” them. 

It was about 9:30 the next morning when Mr. Gray called to tell me the bank called about fraudulent international charges on my debit card. I called the fraud center back and told them to go ahead and authorize it; I had ordered something from what I thought was the UK. The representative told me the charges had been sent to a phone services company in China. I decided to look into it and call her back. 

In the meantime, my favorite bank teller from our hometown bank branch called me to ask me about the charges on my account. After talking it over with her and trying to locate a number to call on the website, I decided I had been deceived and should cancel the payment and the card. I chalked it up to a lesson learned. 

Mr. Gray and I joked that the shoes would show up the Monday after the party and be total knockoffs. We blew it off and pretty much forgot about it (other than when he felt the need to make fun of me about it). 

Friday, I was out of the house for the morning while the house cleaner was here. When I returned, a package was sitting on my kitchen table. I was on the phone with Annie, and I just started laughing, “They’re here; the TOMS actually came.” 

I hung up and opened the banged up, beat up box. 

Sure enough, the camo TOMS I ordered internationally showed up. 

One cancelled debit card, a little humiliation, and a hand-addressed box from China later, I’m ready for the party. It’s all in the details.

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