Teeth, Plural

This morning at church, we went from a tooth to teeth! Baby Gray is now the proud proprietor of two pearly whites. He woke up with only one tooth, in a pretty good mood. We got to church, and the fun began. 

He was a little grouchy when I finished feeding him, but nothing too bad. He cried off and on throughout first service. When I went to check on him at the beginning of the second service, he was fighting a nap, not wanting to eat, and wailing at the top of his lungs. His gums were puffy previously, and they were definitely still inflamed. 

A while later, the same thing happened, I went back to check on him, rubbed his gums, and he finally calmed down. Not much later, he did it again. I rubbed his gums, and there was a brand-spankin-new tooth! It caused him some pain the rest of the day, but I’m hoping it’ll make a move tonight so he’ll have relief tomorrow.

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