Is It Noon Yet?

I’m ready for the cross over from morning to afternoon today. I’m not usually a whiner or complainer (publicly anyway), so I let this one sit long enough to be funny before writing. It’s 11:26 am, and I’ve already called and texted Mr. Gray to see when he will be home. 

(All times are approximate)
6:00 am – Mr. Gray wakes me to say good-bye. Feel like I’ve been run over by a semi; contemplate getting up and taking medicine so that I might feel better when Baby Gray wakes up. Decide against medicine. Who can walk in this state? 
7:00 am – Baby Gray starts to stir. I wait a minute, hoping he’ll fall back asleep, before trying to get out of bed. 
7:15 am – Baby Gray isn’t fussy, but he isn’t asleep. Decide to go get him. Eyes are almost swollen shut from allergies. Try to focus before walking. Put Baby Gray in my bed and lay back down to play. Medication doesn’t cross my mind. 
8:00 am – Take Baby Gray into kitchen for breakfast. He eats yogurt, applesauce, oatmeal, rice cereal, and cries for more in between each bite. I try to fix third (fourth?) bowl of applesauce, and Baby Gray vomits. All of aforementioned breakfast is now on him and in his high chair (let me pause here to tell you how badly I wanted to take a photo; be grateful this is a photoless post). Must still be hungry; tries to eat what he’s now wearing. 
8:30 am – Commence bath in sink (fully clothed and diapered). He’s back to his normal self playing and laughing. I’m still wondering when the truck will come back to finish me off. (Took medicine somewhere along the way. Not working.)
8:45 am – Commence high chair clean up project. Baby Gray is in his “satellite” jumping and laughing like there’s no tomorrow. Yay. Happy baby.
9:15 am – Finally get high chair clean. Get clothes, high chair straps, towels, etc. into washer. Remember Rooster has a groomer’s appointment at 10:00. Hurry through getting Baby Gray and myself cleaned up and dressed. 
10:00 am – Tell Rooster to “load up” and open the garage door to get ready to leave. Rooster darts out the open garage door (presumably to go to the bathroom). When I start calling him, he doesn’t come. I look out the garage door. Don’t see him. Walk around sides of house. Nope. Finally see him across the street in the neighbor’s yard. He runs back when he sees he’s been found. (Did I mention he hates the groomer?) 
10:05 am – Arrive at groomer. No leash. Rooster runs all over the car trying to get away.
10:10 am – Wrangle Rooster and Baby Gray into the groomer. No leash. No stroller. No hands. 
10:15 am – Walk into cute new gift shop in town. So cute. No wallet. 
10:20 am – Pick up lunch and head home. Cupcakes. Yes, plural. 
10:35 am – Try to feed Baby Gray. Earlier than usual, but don’t want him to dehydrate or be hungry since he threw up all he ate this morning. 
10:45 am – Baby Gray falls asleep. Not eating. Take him to his bed. 
10:50 am – Arms to bed transition goes awry. Baby Gray plays instead. 
11:00 am – Lunch! (Breakfast!) Finally. 
11:10 am – Baby Gray realizes I’m not coming back. Commence crying. 
Think Mr. Gray will mind if I call again? 


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