Salt [Lick] to Taste

Every now and then, Mr. Gray and I like to take a little drive out to the Salt Lick in Driftwood. I love their potato salad, pickles, and the little lemonade boy outside! We took Baby Gray for his first Salt Lick experience yesterday. 

As usual, there was a little bit of a wait, but we found a shady spot with a fan to hang out. Baby Gray played in his stroller (this particular stroller, the $20 variety from Babies R Us cracks me up) and ate Cheerios to pass the time. 

When we were seated, we were on one end of a larger table. The host told us they would likely put someone on the other end (which made perfect sense; it was a huge table). A few minutes later, they did. It was a couple older than Mr. Gray and I who sat down at the other end of the table. The woman immediately gave Baby Gray a “look” when she sat down.

I am always very conscious of Baby Gray’s noise level when we are eating out. Who wants to sit next to a screaming kid? At the same time, he is nine months old. I am realistic. Baby Gray was pleasantly eating his Cheerios waiting on our food to get there. Mr. Gray went outside to get me some lemonade, and Baby Gray went as well. 

At one point, I was a little slow with the Cheerio refill. Baby Gray let me know. The lady at the other end of our table scrunched her hair in her hands and got up to go speak to the host. She returned with him, and they took the couple to another table. Mind you, this couple was not wearing wedding rings, so they probably (I’m using that term loosely in today’s society) don’t have kids. Really, though? Baby Gray not doing anything obnoxious or worth moving to a new table. I couldn’t believe it. I guess you just take it all with a grain of salt, though.

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