First on the Fourth

My hometown did not have a Fourth of July Parade. Still doesn’t. I’ve never been to one. Until this morning. Baby Gray and I got to share a first. I love it! 

We sat with our good friends, the Fix-It Family, and they have this parade business down. They put up a canopy on the shady side of the street Saturday evening to stake out their spot for this morning. Great idea!

The parade was filled with the usual suspects: local businesses, kids’ teams, high school organizations, thug cars, and tractors.

This guy was definitely one of my favorites, though. I would love to have enough balance to ride a unicycle–much less to ride a unicycle with a waving, wind-blown flag in one hand! Wow. I can barely wear a backpack and ride a bike. 
When the fire trucks came by with their sirens on, I tried to cover Baby Gray’s ears (I didn’t think to bring his ear muffs) to keep them from being so loud, but he cried and wiggled until I took my hands away from his ears. He just wanted to sit and watch like a big boy. 

Baby Gray was wonderful as usual. He played on his blanket (thanks, Nonna for always outfitting us in quilts that match any occasion), ate, and got passed around. He’s always quite the social butterfly. 
I love the photo of him and Littlest Fix-It! I wish I had better photo editing software so I could play with some of the great colors in that photo. Her pretty blue eyes and those rosy lips. So cute!

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