Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, way back in February, I ordered a shelf for Baby Gray’s room. He had a bookshelf, but with the addition of my books from my classroom, it was much too small. I found one I really liked with a bin for toys in the bottom and ordered it. In February. The order stated that it would be six to eight weeks for delivery due to a backorder.

I didn’t think much about the shelf after that. It would get here in its own sweet time. A few months later, Mr. Gray asked me about the shelf; I checked into it on the website. My order status still said processing, and nothing had changed. It was long after the six to eight week period. I used the chat feature to speak with a customer service representative about the shelf. She told me it was available and could be scheduled for delivery. We set up the delivery appointment for two weeks from that conversation–last Wednesday. 

Fast forward two weeks: the shelf arrives during its scheduled delivery period (the early part of the time window no less). I couldn’t wait for Mr. Gray to get home to put it together! We could finally get the boxes of books shelved and accessible! My excitement quickly dwindled when Mr. Gray opened the box to find that pieces were missing–correction, a whole ‘nother box was missing.

I called the customer service number to let them know what happened. The lady I spoke with was very apologetic and explained that the shelf was being manufactured by a new company, so they couldn’t just send the missing box, they would have to pick the box we had back up and send us a completely new shelf–in two weeks! What? That wouldn’t work for me. She promised to check with her supervisor the next day and see if something else could be arranged; she would call me back. Yeah, right, I thought

She really called back; she had good news! They would be picking the original shelf the next day.

Yesterday, two boxes arrived at my door! 

Baby Gray helped Mr. Gray get the shelf put together last night, and today I was finally able to unbox all the books and get them on a shelf that I ordered in February! Now we can read happily ever after…

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