Under the Sea

Sea World offered free Fun Cards to all certified teachers in a promotion earlier this summer. Momma Branam, Mrs. P, and I took the kiddos to check it out yesterday. 

You need a lot of gear for a day at Sea World with four kids under three! We got there right after the park opened, so the lines to get tickets and get bags checked were a little long at first. Thank goodness it wasn’t like that the whole day. 

BB really wanted to see the Elmo show, so we made a plan to check it out. I didn’t think Baby Gray was going to be into it at all (he’s never seen anything Elmo) when we got there, but he was smiling and laughing at the dancing characters. We didn’t stay for the whole show because we wanted to hit up the water park. 

BB and CP had a great time playing in the water. We were only spending a limited time at the water park to try to get to the next Shamu show, so I decided not to change Baby Gray into his swim gear (and me into mine) this trip–hey, I have a free pass, I can always go back!

We got to the Shamu theater only to find it was completely full. They wouldn’t let us in for just a second so CP could peek at Shamu. We didn’t want to wait for the next show, so we decided to check out the dolphins, fish, and sharks. 

We strolled through the penguins on the way to the aquarium and the dolphin pool, and Baby Gray and BB were both out! 

Baby Gray woke up in time to see CP and Mrs. P feed the dolphins. He wasn’t into taking any photos, though. He was intrigued by the dolphins swimming in the pool and the fish in the aquariums. He was much more alert at Sea World than when we went to the zoo a month or so ago.

We will definitely go back–especially since the Fun Card lasts through January! I look forward to taking Baby Gray back to the water park when we have enough time for me to cool off, too!


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