It’s Trivial, Really

I frequent drive-thrus for a soda in the afternoon. Yes, soda. Sometimes coke, unless I mean Coca Cola, which is “Real Coke” in our house. My coke of choice is Dr Pepper. I have cut way back–way back. I only drink one a day, if that. I prefer it in a styrofoam cup with crushed (read: Sonic- or Dairy Queen-style) ice. It’s best from a fountain; it has more fizz that way. I have lots of expectations about my soda, you see. 

In all of this, one thing remains a mystery to me. Why is it that when the drive-thru attendant hands me my drink, it seems odd to her (him) that I ask for a napkin when soda is dripping down the side, spewing out the straw hole, or otherwise making a mess? Usually, he (she) looks offended at such a request, “You would like a napkin for this ultra-messy drink?” the look seems to say.
Furthermore, why is it that most places don’t make it a standard practice to wipe down the cup before handing it to the customer? Some places do, and I appreciate it more than they know! The simple fact is that this drive-thru mess happens almost across the board. I just don’t get it. It’s not big, bad, important or part of the world’s demise, but joy is in the small things. I won’t let the drive-thru attendants steal my joy!

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