Sow Long

If you’ve been following along, you might remember we planted our garden earlier this year. I had high hopes: I could almost taste the spinach! 
 Too bad for me! We started off really well. Mr. Gray or I watered every evening. Everything started to grow a little. The tomatoes started to bloom; the spinach started getting leafy; the tomatoes turned brown; the spinach stopped in its tracks. What happened? 

Basically, we think the drainage has been bad the past two years. The first year, we put large rocks in the container before filling it with manure from the feedyard and soil. Last year and this year, we didn’t add the rocks. A big shout out to Mrs. Perry for helping us figure that out! We didn’t know the rocks were beneficial the first year; we were just trying to keep from needing so much dirt, collectively.

I’ll be hunting rocks all year to get ready for next year’s garden–it’s going to be good!

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