Happy Blog-iversary!

Today marks a year I’ve been blogging. I started off slowly, but I try to get in about five posts a week. I love that I can share Baby Gray’s growth with those we love who are too far to really see him. I love sharing a glimpse of our daily lives and stories with those who read them. 
When I started the blog, I didn’t know if I would keep up with it or continue past that moment of boredom. I’m glad I did. I have learned to view our experiences as a story to tell, and I have a great, concrete set of memories to share with Baby Gray.
As I wrote previously, my Mac is not usable at the moment; I planned a little photo montage of points of interest from the past year. Those photos are on my Mac (and, Mer, on my new external hard drive as well) and also on the previous pages of the blog. Here’s a summary: 
  • I was married, pregnant, and in the midst of designing a nursery when the blog started. 
  • Baby Gray arrived. 
  • The blog turned into Baby Gray central. 
  • I’m sort of regaining my footing and blogging about all realms of life again. 
Thanks for reading! Thanks for passing funny stories to your friends! Thanks for trying my recipes!

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