Five Alive

Friday marked our fifth wedding anniversary. Mr. Gray and I headed to New Orleans for the weekend while Annie came to watch Baby Gray. I’ll have a trip post with photos and such as soon as my new MacBook Pro arrives, hopefully no later than Wednesday. 

A quick recap of the last five years: 
Year One: We were settled in College Station; both of us were in school. I worked full time in a little town outside College Station teaching third grade. I hope I never have to teach third grade again. 
Year Two: Still in College Station; both still in school. I was moved to kindergarten and loving it! Mr. Gray was working hard to finish school. He moved back to our hometown to work while I finished up the school year. 
Year Three: We got settled in our first house. We were able to buy a new-construction home, so we didn’t have to do much but furnish it and move in!
Year Four: We found out we were expecting and starting reorganizing to make room for Baby Gray! Both of us were working full time, serving at church, and crazy busy in-between! 
Year Five: We got to meet Baby Gray! Mr. Gray headed back to school, and we are making our way as a family of three.

I wish I had photos to add–it all runs together without illustrations. I’m looking forward to many more years and memories!

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