Such a Sweet Tooth

I have an incurable sweet tooth. Try as I may, I cannot kick it. Some days it’s better than others, but usually, I consume quite a bit of sugar (oops). 

In the evenings, Mr. Gray likes to watch Food Network and the Cooking Channel. I would rather throw the TV out the window, but if sitting on the couch while he unwinds is how I get to spend some time with him in the evenings when we have a minute of down time, I’ll take it. He works way too hard all day for me to harp on him about turning the TV off. (For those of you thinking, “He could have you watching sports,” there are days I’d actually prefer that.) 

Last night whatever we were watching featured a raspberry chocolate mousse cake, which prompted me to hop up and make some impromptu mousse for our dessert. It was the first time I had made mousse, and I used a modified recipe I found online due to the limited ingredients I had. I modified it a little more, and ta-da: mousse!

You Will Need:
Heavy Whipping Cream
Bitter Sweet, Semi-Sweet, or Unsweetened Baking Squares

I used whatever was left of my cream–probably about 6-8 ounces and 3 baking squares (I mixed 2 bittersweet and 1 unsweetened)

  • Melt baking squares in a double boiler or in thirty-second increments in the microwave (I rarely melt it in the microwave, but I did last night)
  • Stir chocolate until smooth and allow to cool
  • Whip cream until peaks begin to form
  • Fold chocolate into cream
  • Refrigerate for about 30 minutes or until set (I mixed it all up as dinner was in the oven; by the time we ate, it was ready to go)

Had I been making this for some real occasion or with any preparation at all, I would have garnished it with some homemade whipped cream, berries, and chocolate shavings. 

Yeah, it wasn’t any good…


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