Keep It Simple

Last night I needed a quick and easy dinner solution. I surveyed my ingredient options and quickly settled it. I love pasta dishes, so I dumped a can of petite diced tomatoes, some baby carrots, and broccoli in a skillet. I covered the veggies and cooked them on medium-high. Once they were steaming, I added some garlic basil linguine and continued to steam it until the pasta was tender. 

Overall, it maybe took me ten minutes to create, and it was really delicious. With more time and preparation, I could have used the Italian diced tomatoes with plain pasta for another variation. 

I was lucky I had all those ingredients on a Sunday. Since I grocery shop on Mondays, the kitchen is pretty bare by Sunday if I haven’t built it into my meal plan. The only reason I had what I did was because I had leftovers from Aunt B’s graduation party Saturday evening. Thank goodness for that!

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