Walkin’ on Sunshine


Not what you normally expect from me, huh? Miss Shooby had her Spring dance recital this morning. So cute! They have a great teacher who is a TCU graduate with a degree in ballet who comes to teach the kiddos there at the school each Wednesday morning. I think that is so awesome–that allows for more family time in the evenings! 

It took her a bit to get warmed up to the whole performance aspect of it all, but once she got into it, she was into it! 

The teacher uses all the technical terms for each position and movement when the ballerinas demonstrate them. Even the two youngest girls (Shooby is one of them) know what things mean. 

Baby Gray hung out with Honey to cheer Shooby on this morning! He’s such a good sport! He even helped Honey push the stroller around. 

Here’s Shooby’s fan club, minus her daddy, who so graciously took our photo (and Cookie, of course). The kiddos weren’t into it!

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