A Few to Ponder

Why is it that my dog wants to eat everything we eat… except the Cheerios Baby Gray drops on the floor?

Why did it take me so long to appreciate the fact that my husband folds and puts away towels? Even if he doesn’t do it my way, it’s done!

Why is it that I love the idea of running, and the feeling when I’m done, but I rarely get up and do it?

Why am I most productive in the middle of the night?
Why is it that when we have no where to be, Baby Gray wakes up at 5:00 am, but when I need him to be up so we can leave, he sleeps in? 

Have you ever noticed how the irony in your day can make it or break it? Take what you get and laugh it off, or let it ruin your day. The choice is truly yours. I like to laugh and sing a line or two of the ol’ Alanis song, myself.

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  1. I identify with the Productivity statement! I wish my job would allow me to flip my work schedule sometimes.

    Hopefully Baby Gray will sleep in when he is older. Our kids still get up at 5:30-6am.

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