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I love TOMS! I have 6 or 8 pair, including these: 

The talented Mr. Gray whipped these up for me a while back. I had him work off our toss pillows in the living room. (I was planning on posting a photo of the pillow at this point, but I don’t have one and my good friend, Pottery Barn, has taken them down. The pillows are also not currently in our living room. Just trust me. He did a fabulous job taking the “inspiration” I gave him and making it personal.) 

A month or so ago, a girl I have done some work with saw me wearing them and asked about them. I told her who painted them and basically pitched a sale for custom TOMS ala Mr. Gray without really notifying him first.

A week or so later, I had the “inspiration” for her TOMS in hand ready for Mr. Gray to get to work. 

She said she just wanted the basic colors and shapes, not the exact print. 

Voila! She is now the proud owner of a pair of custom TOMS! 

I really want to buy some more just so he can paint them for me. I love that all that talent is right at my disposal! Just to make sure I’m good and carried away, I’ll probably have him paint some for Baby Gray, too! 

Sorry for the poor photography. Once again, I’m guilty of depending on my iPhone instead of the high quality camera I have. 

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