Kitchen Mash-Up

Sometimes, I really feel like I’m on my A-game in the kitchen. Monday was one of those days. Mr. Gray wanted scallops for dinner. Yes, scallops. That’s all I got. He usually just picks a main ingredient, and I go from there. I was in for quite a rude awakening when I got to the register at HEB; the tiny bag of scallops I was buying was $15.00! Highway robbery! (Why didn’t I notice this before I got to the register, you ask. There was no price. All the other seafood in that area was $6.00 to $8.00, which I felt was reasonable. Why didn’t I refrain from buying the overpriced scallops, you ask. My sweet husband wanted scallops for dinner this week.)

As I continue to state, I will not be a foodie because I don’t take photos of my food. Boo! Please just imagine what I’m trying to describe to you (I promise I’ll use fewer adjectives that Rachael Ray). It’s an exercise in mental pictures! 
Creamy Scallop Pasta
1/3 stick of butter (not margarine, please)
1 package uncooked scallops
Garlic powder
Lemon pepper
McCormick Hot Shot
Fresh spinach
Heavy cream
Pasta of choice (I used whole wheat garlic & basil linguine) 
  • Melt the butter completely in a skillet over medium heat
  • Once it is simmering, add the scallops and cover
  • Add garlic powder, lemon pepper, and Hot Shot to taste
  • Stir scallops and ensure both sides are cooking
  • Once scallops pull apart with a fork, add a heaping handful (or more if you like) of fresh spinach
  • Reduce heat and cover
  • Once the spinach is starting to “wilt” add some heavy cream to the mixture 
  • Stir, stir, stir, you don’t want it to scorch! 
  • Continue to simmer on low until cream and butter are well mixed
  • Add pasta and cover until cooked (you could cook the pasta first and mix if you like; I was using a pasta that cooked quickly, so this was the best method to keep from over-cooking it) 
This was delicious. Mr. Gray really enjoyed it as well. I considered adding cheese, but it turned out perfectly without it. When I find scallops at a more reasonable price, I will make this again! 

If you try it, I’d love to hear your comments!

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