Royal Wedding Day (Please Read On)

I have to be really honest here. I have no clue who Kate or Harry (William?) really is. I doubt I would recognize them in a photo or anything. While I know today is history-in-the-making, it just hasn’t been something that interested me. 

This morning when I was talking to Annie, she mentioned she got up to watch it. She was telling me a little about the ceremony and the officiant. She talked about his statement that each of us have a royal wedding because we are all sons and daughters of the King. I love this! Love, love, love it! This is my prayer for marriage. I pray that each person who enters into marriage will not treat it lightly or passively. I pray that they will realize the impact of the covenant being made. 

I read several comments about the Royal Couple looking “in love” and like “real people” on Twitter and Facebook. While I was perusing, I came across my cousin’s wife’s photo album of the Royal Wedding (they are in London and got to watch). She took some great photos of the procession and recession. The fact that she and my cousin are there is really cool to me (although my interest level didn’t rise much). 

I wish each and every royal couple a blessed life together!


  1. I didn't watch & probably wouldn't care at all other than the fact that today is OUR Anniversary! 🙂 So, while I say I don't care a/b the Royal Wedding, I secretly like that it happened on our 5th wedding Anniversary! And I've enjoyed all the wedding talk b/c it of course reminds me of my own! 🙂

  2. Oh I love that statement very, very much! I didn't get up to watch, but I did see pictures and thought she was a beautiful bride. That statement though is by far the best part! Thanks for posting! :))

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