Out On Our Own

This weekend Mr. Gray & I spent our first night away from Baby Gray. Our church had an Advance (we don’t retreat) at T Bar M. We had a great time getting to know other folks from our church a little better. Part of the time was spent in sessions, we played Capture the Flag and Ultimate Frisbee, and we had some free time also. 
Mr. Gray and I were on opposite teams for Capture the Flag. We’re both crazy competitive, so that got a little interesting. We were on the same team for Ultimate Frisbee, and that was a bit better. 
During our free time, we went to hang out in the tree house. I’m afraid of heights, so even though it was my idea to go up there, I got freaked out before we got to the first little bridge. With some coaxing, I did go all the way up to the top as well as over the bridges and the net. I was pretty proud of myself. 
We got some exciting news about our church while we were there, and Pastor asked us all to join him in a fast. I’ve modified mine a little since I’m still nursing, but Mr. Gray is going all in. We start at midnight tonight and fast through Thursday evening. Pray. Fast. Give. 
Baby Gray hung out with Annie from Friday evening until Saturday afternoon when we got home. He had a great time! It was good for us and our marriage to have some time on our own as well.

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