A Few Random Facts

When I started this blog, it was mostly people who know me that were reading it. Some of my readers now don’t know me, so I thought I’d throw a few fun facts out there. (I might surprise some of you regulars, too.) 
1. I am married to my high school sweetheart. He is an amazing person through and through, and he makes me a better me.
2. I am pretty sure I could eat Chick-fil-a every day. (Well, you know, except Sunday since it’s closed.) I eat the same thing every time, but it never gets old. 
3. I drink a Dr Pepper almost every day, but I really only drink it for the first sip or two–those are the best of the whole thing. 
4. I have come to the point where I honestly don’t know what I’d do without my iPhone. I keep all my lists: groceries, to-do’s, thank you notes, birthdays, addresses, and more in my phone. It tells me when to take my medicine, when to go to meetings, etc. It’s a little scary. 
5. I lust after colleges and universities. Just last week I drove by Rice’s campus and wished I could attend–even if only for a class or two. I’d love to take some Ivy classes as well. Just to spend time on such beautiful campuses. (Don’t get me wrong, I bleed maroon, but it would be fun to get out there a little, too.) 
6. I sign up for things I’m not sure I can do to make myself stretch. Once I sign up, I feel like I have to do it. For example, this running business I’m into lately. A 5K isn’t really a big deal, but I have a feeling before too long I’ll be signing myself up for much more than that. I can feel it. I’m also itching to sign up for some art classes. If you’ve seen anything I’ve done (before Mr. Gray bails me out) you know what I mean… 
7. I am a total night owl. Even if I have absolutely nothing to do, I’m up at night with very few exceptions. Fortunately, I function well in the morning, too. 
8. I enjoy maintaining a clean and organized home. I do a “walk-through” each night before going to bed so I stay caught up. This keeps me from starting the day with an untidy home. (My poor husband has been accused of putting the ice cream scoop in the wrong place, even when it’s in the correct drawer. I try not to be quite so hard core anymore.) 
9. I “sell” Willow House products. A friend was selling Southern Living at HOME products and asked me to join. I signed up. Southern Living at HOME changed to Willow House. I’m still here. I send a few emails to folks. I don’t push it. I don’t really know why I keep doing it, either. Every year I sign back up, though. Want to purchase some great stuff for your home, host a catalog show, or host a party? I’m your gal.
10. I make our bed each morning. Since we bought our home, I have made the bed almost every single day; the exceptions are days I was not here in the morning and Mr. Gray didn’t make it up. Other than that, our bed has been made. This is mostly strange because I didn’t make my bed EVER before moving into this house. Weird. 
11. I write in pink pen when, and if, I hand write anything. It’s my signature style. (Unless I’m writing a note or card that does not match pink; I mean general, everyday stuff.)
Hmmm… I think I’m done for now. I have tons of quirks, but I didn’t dive too deep this time. I’ll get to them.


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