Happy Half-Birthday!

Yesterday was Baby Gray’s half-birthday! I can’t believe how fast it has gone! (That’s one of those things people always tell you, “Treasure this time; it goes so quickly.” They are NOT kidding!) 

He has really gotten active the last few weeks. He is sitting up (not pulling himself to a sit yet, but it’s not for lack of trying). He can stick out his tongue (this might be the cutest thing ever; I can’t take a good photo, though, he pulls that tongue in the minute a camera hits the scene; also, please disregard whatever is all over his face in the mediocre photo). His laugh and smile are so contagious! I love to watch him scoot and wiggle to get to things. As I type, he is bouncing away in his “satellite” jumper. His talking melts my heart. He loves to explore and study things. He’ll just watch and watch before grabbing something while he plays. Baby Gray is pretty sure he is supposed to be the center of attention all the time. He’ll let you know if he thinks you’re forgetting him! 

I know this next six months will go by even faster (don’t worry, I’ve already started planning his birthday party). I’m looking forward to all the new developments as he grows and learns. I think I’m looking forward to him being able to eat snacks the most; it might stave off some of the screaming the instant he decides he’s hungry. 

I made him a super cute 1/2 shirt to wear for his half-birthday. I loved it–red and camo! It was about a size too big, but it worked. I’m so glad I learned how to applique so I can make it rather than pay for it.

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