Here, There, and Back Again

Baby Gray and I have made a habit of walking anywhere we’re going in the proximity of our home in the afternoons. As long as we don’t have any other errands to run, I stick him in the stroller, and we go. Wednesday, we went to the craft store to get some stars for the letters I’m making for his room (this is one of the downfalls to naming your child after his or her birth: you have an infant at home and time for letter-making is scarce). 
The ladies were wonderfully helpful; they showed me how to use the Cricut and then ended up doing them for me because the paper I chose was giving the machine fits. One lady who works there is a photographer, and she showed me some new settings and tricks for my DSLR. It was a great afternoon.

The next morning, as I was headed out of town to get a pedicure, I pulled in to get a sandwich on the way. As I dug in Baby Gray’s bag, I realized my wallet wasn’t in there. At first, I panicked a little. Where could it be? Luckily I remembered before I really freaked out–it was in the stroller. I hadn’t taken Baby Gray’s whole bag in my stroller Wednesday, I just threw my wallet in it before we left. I had to tell the restaurant I’d be back and go home to get my wallet. It was a simple mistake, but for some reason I was so embarrassed. I rushed home to get my wallet so I could go back to get my sandwich. Sometimes I think pregnancy brain lasts a while longer than the actual pregnancy.

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