It’s a (Lunch) Date

Last week we had a fabulous lunch date with Auntie Heather. We enjoyed sushi at Piranha Killer Sushi. Baby Gray took time in the adults-only lunch hour to screech with joy while others tried to eat. (Sorry, patrons.) The sushi was very good; the salads we had as part of the lunch special weren’t my favorite. 
Afterward, we took advantage of the nice weather and walked to the Driskill for dessert. I love the 1886 Cafe, and the dessert we had did not disappoint. We each got ice cream and a chocolate chip cookie–so good! 
Baby Gray sat with Auntie Heather for our dessert course, and when he decided sitting wasn’t for him, Auntie Heather stood up with him while I finished my dessert. The lady at the table behind us was standing to leave, and as she did, she commented to Auntie Heather about what “fabulous jeans those are”. Auntie Heather starts looking a little sheepish and checking out her own jeans as the lady asks where they’re from. As she modestly starts to respond about her own jeans, the lady stops her, “No, his jeans. Those are the most fabulous baby jeans I’ve ever seen!” Auntie Heather looked as though someone ran over her dog–absolutely the funniest conversation I’ve ever witnessed!

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