Scramble This!

I try to be an avid supporter of my nephews and their endeavors. I do what I can to get to their events. Last week, my oldest nephew was participating in the Calf Scramble at the rodeo. The Calf Scramble is always one of my favorite events at the rodeo, so to watch him in it was even better–then I found out the entertainment was The Randy Rogers Band and I was even more pumped! A great night all around! 
Pops & Nonna came to watch Baby Gray, and I rode with T-Paw to the rodeo. (Mr. Gray met us there after class.) We met everyone in one of the exhibition barns (I managed to not buy anything) before heading into the rodeo. We had great seats above the bucking chutes–although it wasn’t too fun sitting by myself waiting for Mr. Gray to get out of class. 
My nephew was easy to spot when the kids came out to scramble. He caught one calf by the tail, but another kid had the head, so he went on to get another calf. He was the first to catch and was second across the line. He’ll get money towards next year’s project for catching. Unfortunately, the two boys behind me decided they needed to say ugly things (I can’t remember what, exactly) about number eight while the scramble was going on. I went into crazy-aunt mode tried to remain as calm and nice as possible while I let the boys know that was my nephew and that they should “be kind to the kids,” but I’m not sure I totally succeeded. Mr. Gray wasn’t embarrassed, so that’s a pretty good indication that I was at least humane. 
After the rodeo and before Randy Rogers came my favorite part of the night: 
hand-dipped ice cream bars! They dip them in chocolate right before your eyes, and then you get to pick which topping(s) you want on it. This was the first time they had the Oreo to go on it, so I needed both toppings. YUM! 

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