Unibrow, Mustache, Beard… (The One About Aunt B’s Wedding)

What a weekend! We kicked off Friday with the rehearsal and dinner doubled up as a New Year’s Eve party. So much fun! It’s amazing how a bunch of small town kids can get back together after so many years and pick up right where we left off (we can even add some outsiders, Mrs. B and Fox, to the mix without any problem). We had a blast! 
My favorite part of this photo is that no one told us this was the “silly” one… 
Unfortunately, no one told Mr. Gray that this one was the “real” one. 
We rang in the new year with a toast and headed to bed (well, most of us) to get ready for the big day! 
We started off with a brunch and some goodies for Aunt B and Uncleby (I told you that was your new name…) to take on their honeymoon in Crested Butte, Colorado. 
Aunt B got plenty of warm stuff as well as some magazines, pajamas, gum, gift cards, and all sorts of stuff! All she had to do was throw it in her bag and head out! 
After we ate, we headed up to get our hair and make-up done. Erica Gray was our stylist–she was awesome! She not only did an amazing job, she had a great personality and made our day enjoyable. As we made our way upstairs, Auntie Heather went to her car to get her props for the photo booth and take them over. When she came back, she sort of snuck in the room and grabbed her phone. When I asked who she was calling, she simply responded, “Triple A,” and kept walking. 
She told them she locked her keys in her trunk and then waited for them to arrive. As she was waiting, we overheard her telling Fox, “…the red ones in the box,” which was definitely referring to her wedding shoes (which, I might add, we had already asked her if she remembered). Fox and the car service arrived at the same time, so he stayed down to retrieve the keys from the trunk. However, as he dug through all her belongings, there were no keys! They were in one of the bags she had taken out of the trunk all along! Just a typical day in the life of Auntie Heather! 
Meanwhile, Erica continued hair and make-up for the rest of us, and Mrs. B helped out with Baby Gray while it was my turn. We had a great time laughing and talking while we got ready. 
Finally, it was time to make our way over to the ceremony site. When we got in there, it was super hot, so I started working on the AC. Thank goodness the coordinator, Samantha, didn’t mind! Auntie Heather and I got dressed and then helped Aunt B get into her dress. She was absolutely gorgeous! 
The three of us took photos with Nikki Peterson Photography prior to the wedding. She was great to work with, and I know the photos will be fabulous. Mrs. B and I tried our hardest to let her do her thing and not keep talking… I’m not sure we succeeded!
A few minutes before the wedding Ferd came to get the rings from me. 
Even though the lighting isn’t great, I can tell you I was hesitant to give them up–it’s the control thing again! He flashed them to me mid-ceremony for a little reassurance! 
Mr. Gray performed the ceremony; it was short but perfectly sweet. It was so awesome to watch Uncleby–who was more nervous at our wedding than Mr. Gray–be so calm and collected at his own wedding. There has been lots of growing since then. I managed to keep my cool and not bawl my eyes out. The same was not true for the toast, though. 
I made it through Ferd’s, but only about the first sentence of mine. I was pretty bummed when I found out later the boys had already read it. Eh… It was for Aunt B, anyway.
After a minor cake ball crisis, the reception kicked into gear. Everyone LOVED the photo booth (or maybe loved the props). 
It was really funny to watch people you wouldn’t expect get into the photo booth in silly props and act goofy! It was a great idea! The only other wedding I’ve been to with one didn’t have props; they definitely made a difference (even though the other photos were pretty silly without them). 
Everyone danced the night away. It was a great time with great friends! 
Baby Gray hung in there as long as he could… 
Then he crashed. Auntie Heather shared a mustache with him (sort of) so he wouldn’t feel left out. 
We love Uncleby and Aunt B very much and wish them nothing but blessings and happiness! Thank you for letting us be part of your special day!


  1. HOW FUN!!! I want to do a photobooth sooooooooooooooooooooo bad but have yet to have anyone agree!!! LOL!

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