Ugh… WalMart.

Yesterday afternoon, Mr. Gray decided we needed a new air filter. When I agreed to ride with him to go get it, I thought we were going to Dollar General, HEB, Handy Andy, the 3M factory, anywhere BUT WalMart… 
Nope. Smack dab in the middle of Sunday afternoon, we pulled into the WalMart parking lot for an air filter. I did need a few things from the grocery side, so I obliged. As we round the first corner, an older lady on a borrowed (probably not needed) electric scooter sweetly asks me when I’m due. I tell her, and she proceeds to jump all over the girl she was with (presumably her daughter) about her pregnancy size. This continued all the way down the aisle as she practically yelled about how much bigger I am than the other girl (I heard poor girl say she was six months pregnant… I would hope I’m bigger). 
We continued our shopping, nearly getting pummeled by many children without supervision, as well as by adults who don’t pay attention to where they’re pushing their carts. I kept eyeing Mr. Gray with a look that nagged, “See why I don’t come to WalMart?” each time we had an incident. 
Finally, we make it to the check out, and, as we’re putting our items onto the conveyor, a man squeezes between Mr. Gray and I in the line, “What do they have in there?” he asks no one. 
Mr. Gray and I just look at each other, and the man continues, “What do they have in there? Is there anything diet? What’s in there?” 
I just stand there, and finally he walks off. Obviously, he was interested in the sodas in the checkout aisle, but he could have gone about it a little differently. 
To top it all off, we had a gift card we wanted to pay with; Mr. Gray hands it to the cashier. She looks confused, and asks him how much he’d like to put on it. We had to explain to her that we wanted to pay for our items with it, not purchase it. Ahhh…

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