Ridin’ the Bandwagon

I’m on Apple’s bandwagon; I admit it. I was hooked the first time I plugged in my MacBook (circa 2007). Then came my love affair with the iPhone (I waited in line for the 3G in 2008). I talked my dad into buying an iMac for himself (he’s never had a computer). I don’t always have the newest or the best (I can’t afford to keep up) of each product, but I upgrade to other Mac products when necessary. 
With Baby Gray’s arrival creeping up on us, we started looking at camera and video options for every day use. My 3G has a decent camera, but it doesn’t have video. I planned on getting the white iPhone 4 upon launch so I could video our little bundle. Then the white was delayed on several occasions, and we had to revisit our plan. I decided I’d just get a point and shoot camera with video capabilities until the white phone came out. 
The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I haven’t carried my current point and shoot camera since I got my iPhone. I didn’t see much point in buying another. So I decided to go ahead and buy the black iPhone 4 and give Mr. Gray my 3G. He has a 3G also, but he is in desperate need of something else. His poor phone is barely making it! Once the white iPhone comes out, I’ll give him the black 4 and get the white. Done deal. 
Sort of. Remember that MacBook from 2007? We still have it. We haven’t purchased software upgrades; we have just done the updates provided by Apple. After a few days with a friend who had just gotten an iPhone 4, I decided that it was time to get one. I called around and found out that a store on my way home from College Station had them in stock–barely. The FedEx guy drove up with them on the truck as I was on the phone with the store associate. The phone was barely entered into the system when I came to pick it up. I was pumped. I didn’t have to order it, wait, or anything. 
Then I got home. I plugged it into my computer (remember, it’s a Mac). I got an error message. I can’t use my MacBook to sync my iPhone. Lovely. So I have a phone with no contact info or apps that I have to use until we can get to an Apple store (no, you can’t download it) to get the software update. No, I can’t use my 3G until I get the 4 working; they de-activated my SIM card when they switched me to the 4. Apple decided the 4 needed a different SIM card for the 4 than the 3G. 
This is the first time I’ve been truly disappointed with Apple. It’s a pretty big disappointment. I might jump off the bandwagon after this.

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