Busy, Busy… Gotta Keep Moving!

My classroom is still coming along. It still looks tremendously empty to me since I’ve left so much of my personal stuff at home or in the (locked) closet.
This area will be for all their school supplies (so the sub can find them easily). The computer that is in quite the strange place there will be removed sooner or later… 
This is the Reading Lab and the polka dots on the blinds will be used to hang outstanding student work. 
Here are the cubbies, storage areas, tables, Science Lab, Dramatic Play Lab (the back of the room).
This is the rest of the back of the room. My teaching table and desk area as well as the Computer Lab. 
This is the area where the kiddos will pull their literacy labs to take to their designated work areas. Their classroom jobs are also posted here. 
This is the carpet/whole group area. It’s not quite finished, but it’s getting there. I’m still not quite sure I’m ready for the kiddos; I’m hoping I have enough stamina to make it through the next six weeks!
This morning, we hosted our first garage sale since moving to our current home. It was definitely different than our  hometown garage sales.
I posted that the sale would begin at 8:00 am, and no one showed up until then. Usually, people are there way early and trying to bargain with you before you’re even set up. That was not the case at all; I was set up and ready long before anyone came. 
The second big difference was what sold. Generally, my clothes are the first things to go. Not today… all the junk was gone before any clothes even sold. Fortunately, we made some money and didn’t have much left to donate to Goodwill. I’ll take it! 
This recliner was left at the end of the sale… if you need a super comfortable recliner, this is a great one to own! Let me know if you’re interested!
On a very positive side note, I got all the iPhones in our home switched out and working properly last night! Thank goodness!

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