I Laughed Until I Cried…

Mr. Gray is athletic, to say the very least. He’s naturally talented and charismatic. It’s not often, if ever, that this sense of finesse escapes him. Earlier, he got a text message and I tossed his phone across the living room to him on the couch. I do this all the time–he does it to me. We throw things to each other. It’s our way of life. Rather than his usual easy-as-pie catch, he batted at the phone in a spastic manner and flailed his limbs (yes, his legs, too). While there is no way I can convey the hilarity of this situation in this blog, I need all of you to know I CRIED, really cried, real tears from laughing so hard. I had tears in my eyes again as I recounted the scene in my head to write it. Hilarious. Hi-la-rious. 
I threw the remote to him a few minutes after that (high school football is on TV). The finesse was back. It must have been a temporary loss of body control.

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