Time to Breathe

Between moving into my classroom, attending workshops, trying to have a garage sale–this Saturday, August 21st, and trying to find enough clothes to wear to work for the next six weeks. I don’t feel like I’ve slowed down at all for the last few weeks! Whew! 
My classroom is coming along. (Sorry, Susan, no photos–again.) It looks really empty due to the fact that I don’t want all of my personal belongings there with the substitute for my maternity leave. There’s also the fact that we have a new ELA adoption, and we don’t have the books and materials for that in our rooms yet. This room is so much cleaner than last year’s room was when I started, and that’s helping, too. I don’t have any questionable stuff lingering and cluttering up the room. Mr. Gray, my more-than-wonderful husband, has been up to school the last two days helping me hang things (and secretly making sure I’m not standing on anything while he’s not there). 
I’m still really apprehensive about leaving my class with a sub for twelve weeks, but I know once Baby Gray is here I won’t be as worried about it. I can’t wait to stay home with him and spend quality time with our son. It’s such a great opportunity–I’ll only get it once! Thank goodness I’m still feeling really good, and I haven’t had much trouble being able to get things done in workshops or around my classroom. (Granted, I haven’t cooked dinner in over a week,  but that’s a minor detail.) 
School is starting on Tuesday this year, so we have Monday to finish getting our rooms ready and get set up for our Meet the Teacher Monday evening. I like that it’s falling the evening before school starts this year–the scheduling so far has been good to me!

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