Baby Steps

Mr. Gray has been working hard on getting the nursery and the office ready for the floor to go down all week. If I see another concrete dust footprint I might scream!  He got it done, though, and today, Uncle Jay, Ty, Luke, T-Paw, and Pops all came (each in their own separate white truck, I might add) to work on the floors. They got to our house about 2:00 and started on the underlayment. By the time I got home a little before 4:00, they were all diligently working to get Baby Gray’s floor laid. 
There they are, all six of them, crammed in Baby Gray’s room. Please notice Uncle Jay’s knee pads (he needs those because he turned 40 in June). They were really working a lot harder than this photo gives credit for; each of them had a job to do.
The only thing I didn’t get on camera was the white truck convention in the street outside our house. They worked until after 10:00, and they had all the floor laid in both rooms at that point. Now we just lack the shoe mold and the final finishing touches. A few baby steps are missing before we run full blast into the nursery decorating part of this deal; the closet and entry doors from both the office and Baby Gray’s room are scattered throughout the living room, and that pile of furniture and closet stuffings (see photo from previous post) are still in the dining area as well. I did break down and sweep; I couldn’t stand the dust on my feet!
Overall, I love the color we chose. It looks great with both the yellow in the nursery and the khaki in the office. I can’t wait for it to all be complete–until then, here’s a sneak preview! 
Now I’m off to finish baking my Blond Brownies for the Fourth! I’ll decorate them and post photos and recipes tomorrow! (A hint: malted milk was involved!)

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