Baby Gray’s Room is Coming Together!

I don’t know how on earth people remodel their whole home while living in it. We’re replacing the floor in the two rooms we use the least, and it’s making me crazy! When we moved in, we thought we were going to keep the guest room and move the nursery into the office when the time came. However, Mr. Gray has been focusing on his art a lot more lately, and the office turned into a studio of sorts somewhere along the way. We decided to add a day bed to the office and lose the guest room instead. So what started as this: 
Is now turning into this: 
Obviously this photo was taken before Mr. Gray finished the stripes. They’re completed now, and, I have to say, I’m pretty impressed. He used a laser level and did the edges by hand. (Paint tape feathers edges on our textured sheet rock.) 
Once the walls were done, Mr. Gray was ready to start ripping out carpet and scraping the padding off the floor. However, he couldn’t do that with furniture on top of the carpet, now could he?

Why, yes, that is all the furniture from both rooms and closets in our living area. Thanks for asking! (See why I can’t imagine doing a whole house…) Luckily, it doesn’t have to be like this for long.

We’ve been wanting to put down laminate in those rooms, so we brought  home a sample to test out. This is the look we’re hoping to achieve when T-Paw and Uncle Jay come help us get the floor installed (this picture is from the samples and some creative photo cropping): 

I can’t wait to get Baby Gray’s furniture all assembled and into the room! We’ll get started on that when the floor is down. It’s all coming together!