As the Crock Pot Simmers…

Since the spaghetti & meatballs experiment went pretty well, I decided to try another crock pot dish for this evening’s dinner. While scrounging for ideas earlier in the week, Mr. Gray pointed out that we had a roast in the freezer (it was too big for my tiny crock pot, so Mr. Gray cut it into chunks before he headed to work at daylight this morning).

I started the chunks (he left them pretty large), carrots, some onion, and new potatoes about 8:30 this morning. All I added was a little Hot Shot (I don’t cook anything without it… consult your spice aisle at the grocery store), some Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce, and a little soy sauce (shhh… don’t tell Mr. Gray; I add it to almost all the beef I cook). I set the ol’ crock pot on low and closed the lid… 

Results to follow.  

Aside: I need a life… it looks like all we do is EAT! 


Well, once again, the crock pot I thought I didn’t like did a great job! The roast was fantastic–and so easy it’s unreal! 

We even have leftovers for tonight! Look for more crock pot recipes to come…

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