Two Thumbs Way Down

Mr. Gray and I had a great Sunday being productive, and we thought we’d end the weekend with a movie date. I picked the movie last time (The Killers) and suggested we go see Get Him to the Greek since Mr. Gray wanted to see it instead previously.

We got our tickets, popcorn, candy, and drink and headed into the theater. Once the movie started, we just kept looking at each other as if to say, “This is so stupid.” I kept thinking surely we could just get up and leave, but I thought maybe Mr. Gray was starting to enjoy it a little more. As soon as the movie ended, we both shared sentiments of how horrible the movie was; it wasn’t funny or entertaining at all. Mr. Gray told me as we drove home that he didn’t think he had ever walked out of a movie before, but he certainly considered it this afternoon.

Get Him to the Greek was definitely a “two thumbs down” movie, and neither of us would recommend it to a friend (in case anyone asks).

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