Four & Many More

This Thursday, Mr. Gray & I celebrated our fourth anniversary. We have done so much in such a short amount of time! We got married, moved to College Station, I got my first “real” job, we got our Rooster dog, Mr. Gray got a bachelor’s degree from A&M, I got a master’s degree from A&M, Mr. Gray got his first “real” job, we bought a house, we met tons of new wonderful friends, now we’re expecting Baby Gray, and so much more I haven’t even mentioned!

Friday Mr. Gray took me to the Driskill to stay for our anniversary. He planned it all himself, and found a great restaurant for us to go for dinner. After he booked the trip, we found out it was ROT Rally in Austin this weekend–it made for a louder 6th Street than usual! We loved looking at all the bikes around downtown. Some of the roads were blocked off downtown for the Rally, so we had to take a pedicab to Paggi House. It turned out to be an awesome ride with a very nice driver. He took us over Town Lake on the pedicab–so pretty!

After dinner, we met up with our aforementioned wonderful friends for a birthday celebration. We hung out and danced a little on the rooftop at Speakeasy, and then headed back to the Driskill. Mr. Gray, who has been attempting to grow a mustache, went to make an ice run after we got back, and met up with some other Aggies on the elevator. They were Class of ’10, and Mr. Gray loved visiting with them on the way back from the ice machine. The incident he loved most while speaking with these Aggies was when one of them told him his new mustache looked “rapey.” He was still laughing about that this morning.

We had a great breakfast at the 1886 Cafe this morning. (We got in too late for 1886 dessert last night–NO!) There was a girl at the table behind us drinking a mimosa, and the glass slipped out of her hand and shattered. It was crazy! I’ve never seen such a thing. She was so embarrassed, but the waitress was very helpful and understanding.

Our trip was amazing, overall. I am so thankful each and every day for Mr. Gray and our marriage. God has blessed us in incredible ways–I can’t even begin to encompass everything He has done for us. I’ve loved the past four years, and I can’t wait to enjoy many more!

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