This week has not been a good week for my luck with electronics! Pre-orders for the iPhone 4 started yesterday, and after fighting the systems to get it to tell me I could order the iPhone for the contract price, then I found out I could not pre-order a white one. Ugh. I like white. So I debated buying a black one for now and giving it to Mr. Gray when the white ones came out, but I think I am just going to wait on the white ones to launch. That sort of ruined an hour or so of my afternoon.

Today, I was driving home after my math class, and my Sirius radio stopped working. I knew I had waited a long time to pay for it, but everyone told me they take forever to turn it off. Plus, I had already talked to them and told them my payment was on the way. So I called them, and after a 25 minute phone call, I still had no radio. The Sirius representative said that in 15 minutes max it would be working. I was meeting a friend for lunch, so I left it at that and went to eat.

We ate and talked for almost three hours. When I got back to the car, I still had no radio. I called back and spoke with another representative who was going to put me on hold for “two to three minutes” while I was transferred to a representative from tech support. I was on hold for about 19 minutes when the call was disconnected. I called back again. Finally, I was transferred to technical support successfully, and the technician was able to tell me how to reset the radio so it would work again. Trust me, this took skill. I had to:

1. Turn on the car
2. Turn on the radio
3. Turn off the radio
4. Turn off the car
5. Open the driver’s side door
6. Leave it open for 30 seconds
7. Leave the door open and turn the car back on
8. Turn the radio on
9. Wait for the screen to begin showing updates

Siriusly? It was ridiculous! I’m just glad it works now.

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